Wetsuits for Cold Water Diving

There are a lot of different cold water diving wetsuits on the market, but you will not want to buy just any of them. It is important that you get as much information as possible so you can select the right wetsuit to keep you safe when you are cold water diving.

Akona 7mm Quantum Stretch

The Akona 7mm Quantum Stretch is definitely one of the better wetsuits on the market for cold water diving. This suit features four-way stretch neoprene and smooth-skin O-ring that seals at the wrist and ankles. There is also the smooth-skin seal at the neck with Velcro to ensure complete closure. While it’s true that all modern wetsuits are made to be stretchy, this one offers more stretch than any other.

Aqua Lung Aquaflex 7mm

Another great choice when it comes to wetsuits for cold water diving is the Aqua Lung Aquaflex, which features new-style cuffs at the wrist and ankle as well as pre-bent anatomic legs and arms. The three-way zipper seal and padding for spine and kidney provide comprehensive comfort and insulation. This is definitely one wetsuit that you should take a close look at.

Bare 7 MM Elastek

The reinforcement panels at the knees, shoulders and elbows are one of the things that make this cold water diving wetsuit so unique and effective at fighting out hypothermia. There are also the exterior liquid seams and double smooth-skin seals at the wrists and ankles. The compressed neoprene zipper flap with double skin-seal ensures completely closure at all times. This wetsuit’s zipper flap uses 8 mm neoprene compressed to 3 mm that makes against a smooth-skin flap for a perfect seal that is nearly watertight.

Best Brands

There are some brands that are better than others when it comes to wetsuits, and it’s important that you know what some of them are before deciding on anything in particular. The brand of the wetsuit you get will play a very important role in determining how effective it is going to be for you overall.

Billabong wetsuits are known for their sheer quality, though they can be a bit expensive. Hurley wetsuits are also a good choice, but they too tend to be fairly pricey. Roxy cold water diving wetsuits offer the kind of quality that you need without the huge price tag, so you will need to keep that in mind.